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3 January 2022
by Redmayne Arnold and Harris

I stumbled into Property because of my parents really, they have slowly built themselves a portfolio of properties over the years and I’ve been quite heavily involved with helping them out. Seeing how well they’ve done for themselves because of it, and experiencing the excitement of buying and renovating a new place and getting tenants in each time, really gave me motivation to want to jump in.

However, on finishing my education, I wanted to see the world so combined a passion with a job and started yachting. As I worked harder and harder and my earnings increased, I realised that with a little bit of elbow grease, I could save up enough to buy myself a property. Having set myself that goal, I went on to achieve it within the year. I then decided to come back to dry land and settle a little, allow myself the ability to be a hands on landlord for my property, and then eventually get myself a job in the property industry -  an industry that excites me, interests me and challenges me.  

RAH stood out to me mostly because of its ethos, it’s a real team player company and everyone matters. All the staff are incredibly well looked after and there’s just a great vibe around the place. The team are amazing and the work is hard (in the best way possible). I shall certainly be sticking around for the years to come!

Before getting myself a “proper” job, I was apprehensive and lacked confidence because I had no real experience or qualifications. This made me worry that I would be overlooked and left behind. However, one of the most compelling beliefs that has driven me through this phase of my life is that as long as you are willing to work hard, you have a passion or an interest in the thing that you want to do, you have a positive attitude and you are generally just a nice person, you can do whatever you want! RAH have given me a chance and the opportunity to gain valuable experience and I am enjoying every minute!

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